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What's Bido:
      What we do at Bido -
At Bido we auction stuff people want.
Members vote for items to go to auction, and Bido auctions these items, based on the choice of the people. Since our first day of auctions in 2008, over 9,500 domain names voted up to auction by the community, were sold and successfully transferred to buyers.

      Bido's  Vision -  
Bido's vision is having a platform of value reaching far beyond purely business transactions, but to contribute to social aspects that will have impact on many other people who visit the website. We feel strongly that by cultivating a “desire for knowledge”, by exchanging ideas, and fostering advanced analytical and questioning skills in our youth, future generations will be better educated and more tolerant. We believe that this will create a fundamental shift in our cultural and political paradigms, culminating in a healthier, more peaceful, and ultimately a more sustainable global society/community.

      Getting involved -
We are an open community of people with various interests and skills. Anyone is welcome to join Bido. 

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