BIDO: Domain Auctions
Affiliate Program

Sales Affiliate
Simply promote domain sales and you will earn 2.5% of the sale price for each sale, where the winner was referred to the auction by your link.

In addition, for each new member who signs up on Bido over your link and places a bid, you will earn $0.50.

To link to any auction, this is the correct format:
Just replace with the actual domain name, and 0000 with your affiliate code, and post to potential buyers.

You can find the full list of links to Bido auctions by downloading the CSV file in both auction tabs ("Live Auctions" and "Upcoming Auctions") on the Bido homepage. When you're logged-in, these links will already include your affiliate code in them, so there is no need to add anything - just post the links and start have your share in domain sales!

We've got many interactive banners, static banners, lightboxes, datafeeds, and other creative linking methods that are waiting for you to start utilizing right away!
Please contact us if you need anything else to help promote sales of domains.

Submissions Affiliate 
Submissions affiliates refer sellers to list their domains on Bido for sale.  
You'll get 2.5% of the sales commission, for each domain that was submitted on Bido, over your links and got sold.

The links for submission on Bido are -
For listing a specific domain

Multi-Tiered Structure 
Additionally, our affiliates program is multi-tiered: You will earn 20% of each commission generated by an affiliate that has signed-up to Bido over a link of yours!

Start having your share in domain sales today!
Get your affiliate code now.

For more info and support on the Bido Affiliate Program, please feel free to contact us.

Some example/ideas for generating Affiliate income:
- If you are a Web/Apps-developer, you could integrate auction feeds into your website/app, with affiliate links to auctions on Bido.
- If you own a Blog, you could add on your Blog a dynamic Banner with your affiliate code in it.
- If you have lots of followers on Twitter / Facebook, you could post about auctions on Bido with an affiliate link.
- If you know about somebody, who could be interested in purchasing any item, you could inform them with an affiliate link.