BIDO: Domain Auctions
Introducing BidoCredits

BidoCredits are used by Bido members to perform a number of operations within the website. BidoCredits function in lieu of money and are purchasable by members. A single BidoCredit costs $8.88 with discounted packets also available. BidoCredits do not expire. They remain in your account until you use them or exchange them.

BidoCredits Pricing
Credits Price
1 BidoCredit $8.88
10-pack of BidoCredits $58.88
50-pack of BidoCredits $222.22
100-pack of BidoCredits $333.33
Purchasing BidoCredits

You can buy BidoCredits using any major credit card, with your PayPal, Skrill or a Google-Checkout account. You may also pre-fund your Bido account by wire. (contact us for additional payment methods).

To place a purchase please go to the Bido Payments Page.

Uses for BidoCredits

Auction Acceleration

You may use BidoCredits to accelerate an item to auction and skip the voting process. Used BidoCredits are returned back to your account when:

- Your auction sells with a winner, or
- if you accept the high bid within 24 hours (if your BidoPrice was not met) when you used BidoCredit(s) to accelerate the item to auction.

Used BidoCredit(s) are returned back to your account at the same time Bido pays out your auction proceeds. If your auction does not sell, your credits are not returned.

Auction Acceleration
Vote For Profits

You may exchange 1 BidoCredit for 8,880 Voting Points. Voting Points are used to vote on submitted inventory as part of Bido’s Vote For Profits program. If an item of inventory you voted for, goes to auction and sells, you'll earn a percentage of the sales price, up to .77 percent. Participation in this program can result in hundreds of dollars in profits for you, just for voting on inventory you think will sell in auction.
Vote For Profits

Getting free BidoCredits:
Bido gives free BidoCredits for...
- Successful completion of sales.
- Parking your domains with Bido (0.01 BidoCredits per each $0.5 generated parking revenues).
- Design-for-Profits: Uploading images to listings of other members.
- Any improvement suggestion or feature request, submitted via Support.
- Any system issue / bug that found on the Bido Website and reported via Support.