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Domain Parking - Get maximum revenue for your domain's traffic Featuring:
- Network of Parking Providers: By parking your domains with Bido Parking, your domains will be utilizing a network parking and ad providers. Parking with Bido harnesses a cumulative power of various providers and ad resources together, with one target: Getting the most out of natural traffic to your domains.

- Optimization Logic: Experience shows that each domain is performing best with different templates and ad-serving techniques than other domains, and that the best strategy is to divert parking among various resources. Bido provides a meta optimization algorithm, that rotates the parking resources for your domain traffic across a network of providers. The algorithm then chooses for each domain: the provider, template and design that is performing best, particularly for each specific domain. Bido releases you from the need to try out different parking companies and compare performance. Bido does this automatically for you. It regularly splits traffic across parking and ad providers, measures performance, and optimizes the distribution of traffic.
- Freedom of Choice: The parking program is available irrespective of whether your domains are also listed for sale on Bido or not. You may use just the parking option without any selling option. Domain owners have a freedom of choice with Bido: Park only, list for sale only, or combine parking with a listing for sale. 
Open for All. Parking with Bido is free and open for anyone to join. It is available for any domain names irrespective of the current level of traffic. You may add all domains at once in bulk. Any and every domain is welcome at Bido.
- Short payout cycle: The payout cycle is monthly, always on the 6th of every month, for the revenues generated in the previous month. Payouts sent via Paypal, Skrill, or wire. The minimum payout is $20. 

- Open API: The full parking functionality (reporting, adding and deleting domains, parking management) is available also via an open to all, free to use API. Specification of the BidoParking API is provided here:
- Getting started: Parking with Bido is simple. How to park your domains with Bido? Simply add the domains over here:, and at your registrar point the Nameservers to NS1.BIDOPARKING.COM, NS2.BIDOPARKING.COM.