BIDO: Domain Auctions
House Rules and Fees

Why is Bido best for buyers?

Bidding on all items typically starts at just $9: We let the market decide the real value of every item for sale.
Save time: No wading through endless lists of low quality domains. Our auctions are what we call "In-Demand" auction events. Most of the inventory for auction has been voted on by the Bido community because of its quality related to it's BidoPrice.
No aggravation: You deal only with motivated sellers who are accurately pricing their inventory. In addition, all inventory is validated before being listed for accuracy and ownership validation. This ensures a smooth closing after the sale.
Sound advice: The Bido community may provide exclusive commentaries on the items put up for auction.

Why is Bido best for sellers?

Your auction is your event, assuring you of the maximum possible exposure for your domain name.
Bido typically shares the sales commission with the members of the Bido community who vote your item into auction through our Vote For Profits program. This incentive encourages people to eagerly look at your inventory and vote in favor of it, as well as market it to their peers to ensure it's moved through voting quickly, and do well in auction.
The unique design of the Bido platform provides liquidity. The sales ratio in 2009 was essentially one in three auctions completed with a sale. This ratio is attractive for sellers who would like to sell their inventory quickly.

How do I submit domain names for Bido auctions?

Simply visit our submission form wizard and go through the simple steps. The Bido community votes on what goes to auction. You can track the progress at any time, and you'll get a notice if your item gets enough votes.

Submitted inventory is verified for ownership before being listed. It's a self-serve process, and after you submit your inventory, you'll be walked through the 3 methods of ownership validation that Bido offers. You only need to complete one of the three methods that are offered, and your inventory will instantly be listed. If you need assistance with this process, we're here to help.

What do I have to do to bid in Bido auctions?

Fill out our registration form and follow our easy verification procedure. All accounts go through a one-time validation prior to the first time you bid. After you win, you'll be prompted for payment. The account you validate with is not the account you must use to pay if you win an auction. Bido currently offers several payment methods such as Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers) or wire.

Auction Rules:
1. Auctions based on voting typically start at $9 (or in some cases at the BidoPrice). All auctions of voted items, once started (live auctions), are 4 days in length, bearing extensions. You may place your Bid at any time on both live (started) and upcoming auctions. Bidders who placed a bid before the auction started (upcoming auction) are entitled to 2% cash back if they win. Once the BidoPrice in a live auction is met, all further bids are automatically proxy bids up to your max bid, that follow scales based on the last placed bid.

2. The Seller chooses the BidoPrice (Reserve Price) at the time of listing. Items for auction are typically voted on by the Bido community based on their BidoPrice, via our Vote For Profits program. Sellers who wish to skip voting may accelerate their domain to auction using Auction Acceleration. Sellers may reduce the BidoPrice at any time while the item is at auction.

3. The high bidder wins the domain if the BidoPrice is met at the end of the auction. Feel lucky? If the BidoPrice has not been met, the Seller may choose to accept the highest Bid. Bid now to win the name. 

4. Domains are verified for ownership prior to auction. After a successful sale, there's a transfer panel where the Buyer and Seller communicate, that's designed to streamline the ownership transfer. The Buyer may choose to use Bido Transfer Service for the transfer of the domain name without any additional cost. Bido provides a full Escrow Service and Buyer Protection for securing all transactions. On Buyer's or Seller's request alternatively a 3rd party Escrow Service for securing a transaction may be used.

5. Listing on Bido is absolutely free, there is typically no listing fee whatsoever. Bido receives a percentage of the sale amount (applies only to successful sales) as a sales commission for all sales via Bido. The commission is calculated as the exact percentage of the sale amount (there are no minimum commissions on your sales) :

Sale Type Commission
All Sales, where the domain is also parked with Bido (bidoparking), or is redirected to the auction/offer-page on Bido, at the time that the winning bid/offer was placed 8%
All Sales, where the domain is neither parked with Bido nor redirected to the auction/offer-page on Bido, at the time that the winning bid/offer was placed 12%
All Sales via PurchaseLinks 6%


House rules:
1. Founders and employees of and their relatives are not allowed to bid on the auctions.

2. No self-advertising or self-promotion in the images of the item listings.

3. Buyers have up to 10 days to finalize payments. After that Sellers have the right to cancel the sale and re-auction the domain.

4. Sellers have up 10 days as of Buyer's payment to finalize all steps needed on their side to transfer sold domains to Buyers.

5. Our Terms of Service are located here.

6. Our Selling Agreement is located here.

Frequently Asked Questions:
We've prepared many answers to frequently asked questions. Please refer to our FAQ for more information.