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Now that your auction is online, it's important that you market your auction to the world and let any potential interested party know about your auction here on Bido.

Bido has picked 5 marketing tips for promoting your auction. These tips have already helped many to attract bidders and get good sales, follow these, and you're on the right way as well!

1) Forward your domain to the auction page
This might sounds a clichè, but 50% of all bidders are coming to the auction over the domain's own landing page. It's the easiest and most straight forward way to reach out to people already interested in your domain (as they have already visited it), and entice them to participate in the auction and place bids.
Once your auction is online on Bido, at least for the duration of the auction, you can make the auction page be the landing page of your domain:

This can be done by any of the following ways:
Method 1 (The easiest way): Set the DNS servers of the domain to:, ...and the domain's landing page will automatically show the auction's page on it. (Alternatively you can also use these DNS entries:, for the same effect).
Detailed instructions: Login at your registrar, select your domain and set its DNS servers by replacing the existing name servers with, (please note that this change usually can take up to 24 hours to propagate through the Internet).

Method 2 (in case you prefer to keep the current DNS servers): If your domain DNS is being managed by your registrar, and you would like to keep the current name servers, you can alternatively set a temporary "forward" of your domain to the auction page. Forwarding is quite easy, and should not take more than 2-3 minutes per domain to be completed.
Detailed instructions: Login at your registrar, select your domain, choose forwarding (either "direct forwarding", or "masked forwarding") and set the forwarding target to the auction page e.g.:  (be sure to replace with the actual domain name). An example, how on how to forward your domain at GoDaddy is found here.

(And where the domain is a developed Website with its own content on it, you may add an auction banner to it, instead of forwarding.
There are a few customized banners you may choose from. Here an example of one of the banner codes. It can be added to anywhere on the landing page your auctioned Website:
<iframe scrolling=no border=0 frameborder=0 width=120 height=60 src=""></iframe>)

2) Post on Twitter, Facebook, Forums
Spread out the word. Remember, unless potential buyers know about your auction, even the best domain will not make it to sale. Make your auction viral, by posting about the auction event on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and on Forums. You may open a thread at domain forums like Namepros, dnforum, but even more importantly, also on any forum related to the specific industry that is connected to the meaning of the domain name itself. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly indexing such pages, what will make your auction even more easily found by potential buyers.

3) Send a few emails to potential buyers
Proactive one-on-one contacting of people who have expressed interest for the domain in the past, or who might be interested based on some other criteria, is the best way to reach out to end-users for your domains. Just think about of this: How happy and thankful an interested party would be, to hear that a perfectly matching domain is available for them to get!
A good starting point with sending emails, would be to email to addresses of the same (or very much close) domain names under other TLDs.
Domain sales history is another good source to search for potential buyers. Search for a related sale, and you might have found the person who will place the winning bid. Some sites to find domain sales history include for example NameBio, dnsaleprice, and DNJournal weekly sales reports. Remember, there is usually no need to spread emails all around, sometimes sending even 2-3 emails to the right people, could do the job, and lead to a successful sale for both you and the buyer!

4) A Great Domain! What’s It’s Story?
A good illustration image, description and relevant data can go a long way towards increasing interest, bids, sales prices and ultimately making more sales.
Especially a good illustration image has proved to be efficient in attracting interest, and making your domain remembered, and letting it stand out from crowd! If your domain name contains generic keywords this may not be a problem at all. Search Google Images for keywords related to your domain and you will most likely find a great image.
If not yet done, please add an illustration image it to your domain description as soon as your auction is online.

5) Consider sponsored ads
Should you expect your auction to close at a high price, you might consider promoting it even more over payed ads. Buying a Google Adword with the related keywords to your auction, or putting one of Bido's customized auction banners on any of the leading domain forums, are just a few good examples on how to really attract a much wider audience to your auction.

Applying any or all of these 5 methods for each one of your auctions, would definitely  leverage the cycle of potential buyers and boost your sales!


We've also created these videos for you to watch and get a crash course in some marketing techniques that are effective and not hard to accomplish. Marketing your auction will take some time, but if done efficiently, it will help your sale immensely. We cannot stress more the importance of marketing your auction to the world and we aim to continue to provide more tools to assist you with this important step of the sales process. Watch along and we hope you learn some ideas and incorporate them into your strategy.

Thanks Morgan for a video well done.

Thanks Chef Patrick for a video well done.

Wes Perkins and Mark Fulton at DotSauce prepared an article about using media and data to market your domains for sale.
Wes explains some specific techniques that you can use to dress up the copy and presentation of your auction's description. Follow the jump and read along:
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